Part 1: Indifference

Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions? Like life is just happening and you’re swept along with it? You were meant for something more. Let’s break indifference and find the passion to change the world together.  

Part 2: Hypocrisy

It’s hard to like a hypocrite, right? Someone who says one thing but does another? Jesus wasn’t a fan of hypocrisy either. This week, let’s take a look at the cost of living a lie—and exactly why Jesus would call people out on it. 

Part 3: Hollow Worship

There’s one thing everyone on the earth was made to do: worship our Creator. Yet so often, it’s easy for us to sleepwalk through our days and give simple lip service to God. What would it look like if our passion for Him was renewed? This week, let’s praise Him like He deserves to be praised. 

Part 4: Spiritual Pride

Following Christ isn’t a competition. So why do so many of us treat it like one? It can be easy to let pride take over when God has blessed us with strong relationships, great careers, or exceptional talent—but a humble heart beats any of those things.