Part 1: The Fundamentals of the Game

Have you ever asked God what you should do with your life? And why does it seem so hard to find out what that plan is? God has a great plan for your life. But our focus is not the future. Our focus is a person. 

Part 2: Calling An Audible

God desires us to know his will. Embracing the known will of God is key to discovering the unknown. It is God’s will for you to recognize and embrace His Son as your Savior.

Part 3: The Playbook

God’s thumbprints on you are clues about His plans for you. There is a direct correlation between knowing and using your gifts and finding God’s plans for your life.

Part 4: Traded

God guides through opportunities. Take full advantage of your current opportunity while you wait and pray for the next one.

Part 5: A Word from the Coach

We are able to hear from God and make the best decisions possible when we put ourselves in a position to listen to Him.

Part 6: 4th Quarter

Your availability to God makes you a candidate to be used by God and to discover His plan for your life.