Part 1: I’ve Got Jesus. Why Do I Need the Spirit?

Have you ever felt like you’re missing something? Somehow, we in the American church have managed to systematically neglect the power of the Holy Spirit. And the sad thing is that many people haven’t even noticed. 

Part 2: What Are You Afraid Of?

Fear is an excellent motivator. Every American is taught from an early age to denounce fear. Our heroes are tough and fearless. We actually believe that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. But let’s face it: We’re all far more affected by fear than we’d like to let on.

Part 3: Theology of the Holy Spirit 101

Theology always pushes us in a particular direction. The knowledge of God is not neutral – it demands something of us. Every thought and belief in our minds leads us to some sort of action. Unfortunately, we don’t always grasp the significance of what we claim to believe. 

Part 4: Why Do You Want Him?

The first step in reversing our neglect of the Holy Spirit is desiring to see Him work in and through us. But, there is an important question that has to be asked: Why do you want Him? We all need to question our motives. We can’t simply move on and assume that our hearts are in the right place – what’s at stake is too important.

Part 5: A Real Relationship

What comes to mind when you think about relationships? Long conversations, spending time together, making someone happy... or perhaps you’ve been disappointed and burned. When it comes to a relationship with God, there is nothing worse than insecurity and nothing better than enjoying an ongoing intimacy and confidence in your relationship.

Part 6: Forget About His Will for Your Life!

What are you going to accomplish with your life? That’s a big question. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing what God would have you do with your life, but sometimes we get so scared about missing our calling that we become paralyzed in the present. God has a plan for each of our lives, but He has never promised to reveal that plan to us in advance.

Part 7: Supernatural Church

Unfortunately, one of the most striking similarities that most churchgoers share with the non-Christian world is their ability to complain about the way the church operates. We all do it from time to time. But think positively for a minute: If you could create the perfect church, what would it look like? Could that perfect church be accomplished through human talent and strength, or would it require the power of the Holy Spirit?