Part 1: Just Call Me Jacob

In order to find our own true selves, we need to let go of who we pretend to be and take hold of God. 

Part 2: Starving Sons

Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of beans. We also compromise and sell our birthrights for bowls, but Jesus died on the cross to transfer His birthright to us.

Part 3: When God Shows Up In The Middle Of Nowhere

When we’re in places of transition and trouble, God shows up to reveal that He has been with us all along.

Part 4: Sister Wives

In this message, we hear the story of Jacob’s marriage to two sisters. Their story personifies our own rejection and frustration, and illustrates God’s purposes through it all.

Part 5: Call It What You Want

You can live in regret and call it like it is, but wouldn’t it be better if you called it what you want. Don’t let your situations dictate your destiny; if you call it what it is it will always be what it is, but if you call it what God calls it, it will become something brand new.