Part 1: Controlling People

It’s tough to put up with backseat drivers—those people looking over your shoulder and pointing you where they think you need to be. Don’t lose control! Instead, come learn to deal with controlling people!  

Part 2: Critical People

Have you ever met someone who just couldn’t stop pointing out faults and problems? It’s never fun to be criticized, but you don’t have to let harsh words steal your joy. Let’s learn how to deal with critical people! 

Part 3: Needy People

We all know someone who never has enough—someone who’s constantly asking for favors without offering anything in return. How do you love them when you know you need boundaries? Let’s learn how to love needy people!   

Part 4 : Hypocritical People

What do you do when someone you trust is saying one thing but doing another? Let’s learn how to deal with hypocritical people!