Part 1: Opening Day

The church was simply a gathering of people who came together around one belief: that Jesus was the risen Christ, the son of the living God. That was all they had. That was enough. The church was a movement. And it got big starting on DAY ONE. 

Part 2: Big Prayers

Small prayers are for small churches. How we pray is an indication of if we’ve strayed.

Part 3: Big & Bold

The church began as a movement fueled by an event: the resurrection of Jesus. It was led by eyewitnesses and it got BIG fast. This movement was unsettling to the status quo so there was resistance. And in response to resistance, the early Christians prayed...not for protection or for resistance to go away. They prayed for boldness.

Part 4: Big Audience

The church is not an institution or an American icon. It is a movement that was launched to touch the world. The message of the church is a message for the world.

Part 5: Big Drift

In the church, grace and truth often collide. But in Jesus, grace and truth were embodied. So the church, if we are not careful, will drift toward what is familiar and comfortable and manageable.

Part 6: Big Answers

Does the church really matter? Do we make a difference? Has the church contributed? Yes. The church has BIG answers to BIG questions for this life.

Part 7: Big Opportunity

The church is a big idea. It’s God’s idea. And we are honored to be part of it for our generation. To reach people nobody else is reaching, we must do things nobody else is doing. This is a WE thing, not a ME thing.