Part 1: The Empathy Lens

Empathy is first aid for bad blood. In difficult relationships, empathy can be the key to beginning a conversation that leads to health and peace. When you empathize with someone, you see things you wouldn’t have seen. 

Part 2: Holding On

What do you do when you have bad blood with someone who owes you something? Bad blood is costly and complicated. It costs you peace and complicates your other relationships. You can let go or you can let it hold you.

Part 3: A Conversation or a Confrontation

When there’s bad blood in a relationship, the easiest thing to do is to let resentment and bitterness grow without addressing the issue. That’s the path of least resistance. It doesn’t make the conflict go away, but it avoids the relational mess of having to deal with the other person. Jesus calls his followers to a higher standard. 

Part 4: Shaking the Dust Off

The first step to finding peace in a relationship is to repent if you’ve done wrong or to forgive if you’ve been wronged. But no matter how badly you want peace, there are some relationships that may never be fully restored.